We’re going to continue with our PBL assignment on the Bees. This time we’re going to do Digital Storytelling. I came up with a story and some animal characters in it to touch on the purpose of our bees. I like doing this project because I feel that you can get a lot out there to your students as a teacher. When it comes to kids the storytelling that I made up I feel they will enjoy it. The students will enjoy watching a narrated video and will like the story or information with it. I feel that students are more likely to remember the content of information through the use of Digital Storytelling. I hope you enjoy listening and watching as much as I did making it.

As human beings, we can express and show our appreciation to our bee friends by using a different type of technology. We can express through doing a photo collage (which we will be doing), flyers, blogs, videos, or newsletters. For this class, students will use a graphic designer platform called…

I want to point out an important living insect that is beneficial to us and that we can learn so much about. The insect is small, but it’s role to the world is huge. The world heavily depends on this insect. The living insect that I am typing about here…

Courtney Raymond

My name is Courtney Raymond and I am a Texas State student. I’m a future educator. Planning on going into teaching EC to 6th. My favorite subject is Science.

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