I want to point out an important living insect that is beneficial to us and that we can learn so much about. The insect is small, but it’s role to the world is huge. The world heavily depends on this insect. The living insect that I am typing about here is the bee! The bee is our Earth’s friendly pollinators. We do get honey from our bees, but we also get other things too!

Why are bees important? Don’t underestimate their size.

Human beings depend on bees. They’re the reason why we have flowers and all kinds of plants. Bees are the reason for our food supply for example, fruits and veggies. Think of your favorite vegetable or fruit. Imagine living in a world without it. A life without bees meaning a life without veggies and fruit! The reason why bees are able to grow more plants is because of a process of pollination. They leave pollen (while collecting nectar) from another plant to the other causing fertilization that allows more plants like fruit or veggies to grow.

Buzzing for the Bees Podcast with Courtney. (Take a listen and enjoy my first podcast).

In my podcast, I talk about the role of the bees and how important they are to us. I go over pollination. I talk with my sister about the things that we can do as human beings to help support these beautiful important creatures. I talk about the dangerous effects of some pesticides that have neonicotinoids (a poisonous compound that is harmful to bees.) I go into more detail about this in the podcast. We also go over how to make your bee baths. You can all do this in your backyard when it’s a nice day out. It’s very easy and a fun thing to do.

My name is Courtney Raymond and I am a Texas State student. I’m a future educator. Planning on going into teaching EC to 6th. My favorite subject is Science.